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“From my house, I can see HER, I can talk to HER! “

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« From my house, I can see HER, I can talk to HER! »

HER, it is obviously “Notre-Dame de la Garde” !
She is part of the life of the Marseillais. She’s given the penalties. She’s associated with joys. When one is absent from Marseilles, on the return, one watches with his eyes.
La Bonne Mère ! (The Good Mother)
Of course, there is the geographical site: unique, to discover Marseilles in all its magnitude!
But there is more: Mary, the Mother who presents her Son, and what a Son! Image of tenderness and kindness. Offered to all, for all.
Then there’s the hill. We climb slowly, with effort, fatigue, gaze lowered on his feet, head sometimes raised to the top, back to the city, back bent by effort, but also the worries of life, heavy things to deposit . And on the way back, we descend with lightness, smile, joy, wonder.
Eyes look for his neighborhood, his church, his landmarks. We are no longer alone anymore.
She’s accompanies us.

Visitors to this website, we would like to share with you what the Good Mother represents for us: more than a landscape, more than a sanctuary, a Mother!
For this, here is some information to facilitate your visit, your pilgrimage, your passage. Above all, do not run! Stop a moment, close your eyes, dare to speak to him, to confide in you.
Actually, she’s waiting for you!
Welcome at the « Bonne Mère ».

Archevêque de Marseille