Notre-Dame de la Garde

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Notre-Dame de La Garde

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Cultural pages

In the 16th century, the chapel is included in a military fort

On January 1516, after his famous victory of 1515 in Marignan in North of Italia, the young François I came for the first time in Marseilles where he was joined by his wife and mother. He did not fail to mount his devotions in the chapel of Our Lady of the...

“From my house, I can see HER, I can talk to HER! “

« From my house, I can see HER, I can talk to HER! » HER, it is obviously "Notre-Dame de la Garde" ! She is part of the life of the Marseillais. She's given the penalties. She's associated with joys. When one is absent from Marseilles, on the return, one...

A little History at the “Notre-Dame de la Garde” Museum

On June 18-19-20-21 in 1931 the celebrations of the coronation of "Notre-Dame de La Garde" took place. 82 years later, on June 18, 2013, the Notre-Dame de La Garde Museum open his doors. Open every day except on Mondays. Tuesday & Sunday 10h-13h/14h-17h30....